Thursday, 3 October 2013

It's a fascinating world

The world is a strange place, and the more I learn about it, the stranger I think it is. 

I've just finished a degree in Physics and Philosophy, and unfortunately have forgotten a great deal of the content I learnt (I'm not entirely sure what a capacitor is at this moment in time). However, I spent a lot of time studying the the bizarre behaviour of the world at the quantum level, and at the very least my enchantment with this has remained. The theory of quantum mechanics is both beautiful and mind-boggling: beautiful because it falls out so perfectly from the mathematics, and mind-boggling because it seems near to impossible to build a conclusive picture of what is actually going on. The maths simply does not fit our intuitions about the way things work.

As such, it was this particular area of science that captivated me during my degree. But of course there are many fascinating things to learn about in this world, from the physics of our universe at the smallest and the largest scales to the science behind man's inventions and the biology of the living world around us. Now that I'm no longer consigned to physics alone, I hope to read and learn about the vast number of fascinating things in this world, and, as I do, I will try to write about them here in a simple and accessible way, yet keeping true to the science.

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